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Loss of Electrical Power

  1. Check if the Switches are in the “ON” position.

  2. Check if the Electrical Cord is plugged in.

  3. Check the circuit breakers or fuse box in your building.

  4. Try using a different electrical outlet.

Loss of Vacuum

  1. Make sure the Suction Switch is in the “ON” position.

  2. Make sure the Lid is firmly seated down with the Bucket Handle snapped into place.

  3. Make sure the Hose at the back of the machine is connected.

  4. The Vacuum Nozzle may be stopped up with lint. Turn OFF the machine. Unplug and empty the machine of liquid. Tilt machine back and remove lint with a bent hanger. (See diagram)

Carpet Express Rug Cleaning Machine Rental

Water Pressure

  1. Make sure the cleaning solution was poured from the blue Bucket into the grey Solution Tank.

  2. Make sure you are not out of cleaning solution.

  3. Check if the Solution Hose is connected at the back of the machine. (See Preparing Machine-Last Bullet Point)

  4. Make sure you are squeezing the Spray/Brush Trigger while cleaning carpet; or the Hand Tool Switch is ON while using the Hand Tool.

Brush Not Working

  1. Make sure you are squeezing the Spray/Brush Trigger.

  2. Unplug the machine and empty all the liquid. Tilt the machine back and remove the string, lint and hair from the Brush until the Brush turns freely. Reset the Circuit Breaker on the machine Switch Panel located on the Handle.

Foam or Dark Liquid Emitting From Machine

  1. If foam or liquid is emitting from the back of the machine, it is just discharging excess foam. Turn the machine OFF, lift the Lid and empty the Bucket. DO NOT refill the machine. Replace the Lid, snap the Bucket Handle into place. Place a towel at the back of the machine and turn the Suction Switch ON for two minutes. Immediately use the machine to clean the foam or liquid off the carpet.

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