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Become a Retailer

Become a Carpet Express Rental Location

Searching for ways to make more profit? We can help!

Most stores are looking at ways to be more profitable. You may already have a carpet cleaner rental program in your store. Carpet Express can help you make your program and floor space reach its maximum potential.

Carpet Express manufactures professional grade, carpet extractors and cleaning solutions, right here in the United States. We believe in providing superior quality to our customers. Many renters already have home machines and cleaning solutions, they rent because they want to use a professional cleaning system, not a home system. We build equipment to take abuse and keep performing rental after rental. Having this level of quality minimizes the potential for your customers to be dissatisfied. We provide the highest level of service and response in the industry giving you a worry free system and the best value.

The Carpet Express cleaning system received the Platinum rating from The Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), their highest rating! Only the extractors and systems that remove the highest level of dirt and soil, without damaging your carpet receive this rating. Did you know that some carpet manufacturers specify that you must use products approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute or risk voiding your carpet’s warranty? Does your current program have the CRI Approval?

Carpet Express partners with select stores that are interested in providing the best products, services, and overall best value. We don’t want you to be competing with dozens of locations in your area using the same equipment. How is that beneficial? We give you a distinct advantage over your competitors!

We are committed to providing you the best products, the best service, and the best value. That is our clear advantage over the other companies that offer similar programs.

For more information on how to get our program in your store at no cost to you or questions please call 509-670-7722 or email

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