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SpotVortex Spot Removing Rental Kit

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Product Information


The SpotVortex gives you the power to remove spots and odors caused by food, liquid, soil and even pets, all in a simple to use attachment. The SpotVortex concentrates the machines suction, enhancing its soil and liquid removal abilities. Multi-Layer Extraction thoroughly cleans the carpet’s surface, backing, pad, and helps prevent spots and odors from reappearing.


CRI Certification

Carpet Express has earned the Seal of Approval for 7IN1 Spot & Odor and Spot Solution from the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), signifying that it effectively removes even the most difficult stains and odors without any damage to the carpet. The CRI Seal of Approval is awarded to carpet- cleaning products that pass stringent tests administered by an independent, accredited laboratory.

7IN1 Spot & Odor was tested on a carpet sample with some of the toughest known stains and odors, including cat urine, vomit, ground-in dirt and feces.

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