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Basic Spot Cleaning Tips

For Best Results, Use Spot Solution and the SpotVortex Spot Removing Rental Kit

  • Remove surface liquids or solids with a paper towel or spoon. Saturate with water to dilute and suspend the spot. Use about 1 oz. of water per inch of spot; for example, use about 2 oz. of water for a spot 2 inches across.

  • Saturate the spot with SpotVortex Spot cleaner. Scrub the spot well, working from the outside inward. Allow the Spot cleaner to dwell on the spot for 5 to 10 minutes.

  • Attach the SpotVortex to the hose and attach the hose to the grey cuff at the back of the carpet cleaning machine. Note: Only use with machines designed to extract liquid.

  • Turn on the machine’s vacuum. Place the SpotVortex over the saturated area and apply downward pressure for 10 seconds. Leave the SpotVortex in place and allow the machine’s vacuum to run for about 1 minute, or until all liquid is removed. The clear cone allows you to see when the liquid is removed.

  • Note: Some spots may require more attention. Repeat steps if necessary until the spot is removed.

  • Cleaning: Remove the clear cone from the blue base and wash parts by hand with warm water.

  • For best results: Use SpotVortex Spot cleaner. Spot cleaner has earned the Seal of Approval for Superior Cleaning from the Carpet and Rug Institute, signifying that it removes even the most difficult stains without any damage to carpet. Approved both as a general spotter and a pet stain and odor remover.

  • Tip: Use the SpotVortex teardrop shaped base for removing spots in corners or along walls.

  • Tip: Also use the SpotVortex on area rugs, stairs, and washable fabrics. Test color fastness of area rugs and fabrics prior to cleaning. When cleaning rugs on wood floors, make sure any liquid is wiped up with a towel after cleaning and pull back the cleaned area of the rug from the floor, until totally dry.

  • Tip: For even faster drying, place a fan directed toward the cleaned area.

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